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Marone & Antonina Panichelli

Marone Panichelli (born in 1862 in Civitanova, Marche, Italy; died 1941 in San Rafael, California, USA), was married to Antonina Antonelli (born in 1861 in Civitanova, Marche, Italy; died in 1941 in San Anselmo, California, USA).  They are my great-grandparents.

Marone was a shoemaker.  Marone and Antonina had three sons:

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Ottavio, Luigi, and Giuseppe Panichelli

The three brothers came to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in the 1910s.  Boat passage information is available at www.ellisisland.org.  Luigi and Giuseppe remained in Vancouver, while Ottavio moved to San Francisco, California, USA.  Ottavio eventually brought his parents from Italy to the United States.

Luigi, my great uncle Zio Luigi, was a shoemaker and lived above his shop in Vancouver.  Giuseppe was also my great uncle, whom I knew as Zio Pepe.  My brother and sisters and I met them and most of the Vancouver Panichelli clan at the time when we visited Vancouver as a family in 1972 (I was 11).  The descendants of Luigi and Giuseppe for the most part reside in the Vancouver area.

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Ottavio Panichelli

Ottavio Panichelli (born in 1898 in Civitanova, Marche, Italy; died 1991 in San Anselmo, California, USA), was married to Lida Bronzini (born in 1912 in Quincy Township, Michigan, USA; died in 1996 in San Rafael, California, USA).  They are my grandparents.

Ottavio was a longshoreman in San Francisco, and later a maintenance worker at a U.S. Post Office.  Ottavio & Lida had a son, Mario, and a daughter, Marie.  Here is the page from the 1940 U.S. Census which shows their family at their San Anselmo residence:  1940CensusEntry

The descendants of Ottavio & Lida for the most part reside in Northern California, although I moved to Atlanta in 2000.

There are other Panichellis in Civitanova, Marche and nearby areas in Italy; in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area; in Argentina; and in other places around the world.  We understand that most or all of the Panichellis in the Philadelphia area are descendants of Pasquale Panichelli (1879-1961), who emigrated from Campobasso (Abruzzi province) in Italy, through Ellis Island, to Brooklyn, New York, in 1895.  We are probably all somehow related, since we all trace back to the Marche and Abruzzi provinces in Italy, and since our surname is not a very common one.  However, these other Panichellis are not descendants of Marone & Antonina.  If anyone has any information about how we might be connected, please put your comments in the guestbook or email me.

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